SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

One of the endearing things we liked about Sonic was that he wasn’t as whored about as Mario has been on the whole ‘let’s do as many different sports and genres as possible’ game. We had Sonic Shuffle, lesson learnt for the most part.

SEGA have today announced that SEGA Superstars Tennis will be released on the PS3 and XBOX 360 and feature an entire roster of Sonic Team and SEGA characters such as Samba, Ulala and (yes!) Big the Cat. About time that freakishly slow cat got some more love.

Despite the premise of the game being a bit depressing, what with the year of spinoffs and what this tennis game could mean for the future of Sonic’s pimping days, the two screenshots released for the game appear to be just about the greatest things we’ve seen in years. Also note the Motobug as ball boy in the first image. Sumo Digital, the developers of this new spinoff, are our new heroes.

Sod a Tennis game, we want a real proper Sonic game looking like this. Someone at SEGA, make it happen… please, at long last make this kind of level design happen. You can do it. I believe in you. To a point.

More information on SEGA Tennis whatsa-hoozit-called (blame SEGA Europe’s website from never loading up) as we get it.

EDIT: It’s also coming out on Wii and DS, cheers SmashSonic. We missed that one. Oh, and PS2 as well.

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