New NiGHTS trailer released

New NiGHTS trailer released

Matt Cassamassina of has revealed on the website’s message boards that there will be three big features on IGN’s Wii channel from now till midnight. The first feature is a trailer of one of the Wii’s most promising first person shooters, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, one of the first FPS games on the Wii to go that extra mile with beautiful graphics, dead on control, and online multiplayer that can hold up to 32 players in any given game.

The second feature is IGN’s long awaited article on the lack of voice chat on the Wii.

The final feature is the one we all care about: at midnight pacific time, they will be releasing a new trailer of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. While Matt has been a bit pessimistic of the game because Sega won’t let any press have hands on time with it, in his own words, the game is “looking better”.

Of course, for those of us following the games development, we’ve known it’s been looking better for some time. Stay tune on Sonic Stadium for the update come Midnight. I will edit this post once IGN.comreleases it. Or, alternatively, you can just wait for it on IGN.


The trailer’s been released! NiGHTS fans will see a few interesting surprises in here.

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