Samba De Amigo listed in GameStop database

Samba De Amigo listed in GameStop database

Well everyone, I’ve just gotten home from GameStop, and I have some fine news for fans of Sonic Team’s critically acclaimed Dreamcast game “Samba De Amigo”. GameStop has the game listed for the Wii, with a release date of Febuary 6th, 2008 at an MSRP of $50. The game was simply listed as “Samba De Amigo”, without any numbers or subtitles in the name, so it’s unknown whether this game is a sequel or a remake of the Dreamcast games.

Keep in mind, this is far from a confirmation, although we have been having a lot of luck with early retail listings lately.Rumor Reporter from Advanced Media, hinted that a Samba game was in development for the Wii back in April. I didn’t report it because I was unsure of his legitmacy, but if this rumor turns out to be true, expect him to be in more Sonic Team related rumor in the future.

Stay tuned to TSS for all the latest news on this rumor. For those of you who wish to check this rumor out for yourselves, keep in mind that GameStops that where formerly EBGames do not have the game in their datebase. Also keep in mind that this game has NOT been listed online. Considering how soon the release date is, we can expect a confirmation or lack thereof on this game by the Tokyo Game Show, which will be starting on September 20th, and ending on September 23rd.

Also, for anyone who’s interested in a stellar NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams poster based off the game’s box art, you can get one for free, along with seven other posters, if you pre-order a game at GameStop. This deal should be available at most of the stores.

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