Smash Bros Brawl: “Sonic’s Already In The Game”

Smash Bros Brawl: “Sonic’s Already In The Game”

A Spanish interview with Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai reveals that Sonic the Hedgehog is already present in the Nintendo fighting game, and awaits SEGA’s approval before implementing him into the final product.

The interview, initially posted by Shakidna on Sonic CulT forums and then translated by ICEknight of The GHZ, is the first real confirmation of Sonic’s existence in the game, and is no doubt news to get many fans excited.

Responding to a direct question of “Are you going to include SEGA’s mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog?”, Sakurai gives the following:

“Well… That’s a tough question, I’ll tell you that Sonic’s already in the game, but we’re still waiting for a last confirmation from SEGA. Due to the proximity of the game’s release, SEGA’s deadline to submit their confirmation is the 26th this month, and in that date the official site will be updated about the inclusion or not of SEGA’s mascot in the game. I’m personally crossing my fingers.”

SEGA have six days to confirm with Nintendo that they may use the blue blur in their latest fighting game. With recent news of Sonic and Mario joining forces at the Olympic Games, it would be reasonable to believe that SEGA would jump on this opportunity to collaborate again. But sources suggest that SEGA are perhaps unaware of the deadline.

The Sonic Stadium will attempt to contact SEGA for official confirmation – or to let them know they have a deadline – first thing Monday morning. For now, those who want this to happen better join Sakurai and cross those fingers.

Thanks to Sonic HQ for the heads up.

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