SEGA giving away Sonic Team Wii

SEGA giving away Sonic Team Wii

Remember the blue Sonic Team branded SEGA Dreamcast released in Japan back in the day? Svend managed to grab the blue VMU that went with it but has yet to get the console rarity. It’s something he incessantly mutters when he strolls into TSS Towers.

SEGA Germany is launching a contest to co-incide with the launch of Sonic and the Secret Rings over there, and the prizes are enough to trigger a fatal relapse. Open to German fans and extended to visitors of SEGA Europe’s official Sonic City Blognik, one lucky fan could win a Nintendo Wii decorated with the Sonic Team logo!

Prizes also include a poster and a piece of production art, both signed by happy smiley chap Yojiro Ogawa. Runners up get a rather snazzy Sonic figurine.

The contest runs until 23rd March and involves answering a question: What is the name of Sonic and the Secret Rings in Germany? Go to the Blog post to find details on how to enter, along with a subtle clue in one of the images linked there.

We also don’t have a copy of the German box art somewhere on TSS. Nuh-uh.

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