NiGHTS Sequel for Nintendo Wii

NiGHTS Sequel for Nintendo Wii

SEGA are getting ready to announce a new NiGHTS Into Dreams game for the Nintendo Wii, it has been reported. Gaming website first revealed the information, where it writes that SEGA all but confirmed ‘NiGHTS 2’, yet wasn’t prepared to state this on the record.

Before SPOnG’s article, the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK printed a teaser image in their current issue that has been rumoured to be a reference to NiGHTS. The magazine stated that it was a secret project to be revealed next month, but fears and doubts were raised when it was made clear this was to co-incide with April Fools Day.

ONM then went on record to state that whatever the new game was, it certainly was not a prank on its readers. SPOnG’s publish date (19-Mar-2007) also discredited fears that the announcement was a mere April Fool. On top of this, the story was followed up by UK trade industry magazine MCV.

SEGA America recently held a poll on its website, asking fans what franchise they would most like to see a return of – NiGHTS Into Dreams far and away was the most popular choice. The poll has now been replaced with a ‘favourite arcade game’ questionnaire, adding fuel to the supposed confirmation.

A classic release on the ill-fated Sega Saturn, NiGHTS Into Dreams was one of the first analogue controlled video games where the player flew around dream stages collecting blue chips and destroying monsters called Nightmaren. It has been revered as a cult classic and remains one of Sonic Team’s most iconic releases, yet calls for a sequel have been dismissed for nearly a decade by creator Yuji Naka for fears it might destroy the original.

Whether this new NiGHTS project is the first title from PROPE, Naka-san’s new studio that’s co-operating with SEGA, or if this is a project out-sourced to the new Sonic Team has yet to be seen. The Sonic Stadium will try and get as much information on the new game as possible. Until then, sleep well.

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