Sonic and the Secret Rings Japanese site update

Sonic and the Secret Rings Japanese site update

The Japanese site of Sonic and the Secret of the Rings has had a major update! They’ve released new info, new artwork, and much more new.

I realize many of you can’t read Japanese, so let me translate some of the highlights. The story is still about the same as we know; Sonic one day falls asleep while reading Arabian Nights, and awakes to meet a dijjin named Shahra. She tells him of an evil dijjin named Erazer, who is erasing the tales of Arbain Nights. It’s up to Sonic to stop him, for he was destined to by legend. Plus, if he doesn’t, Erazer will come to his world to wreak havoc. Sonic agrees and goes off to Arabian Nights! But when he enters the world, he encounters Erazer fairly early. Erazer calls Sonic a rat, then sends a fire arrow straight into Sonic’s heart. The arrow is slowly killing Sonic, but at the same time with Sharha’s help, Sonic can control the fire to his advantage. The only way to put out the flame is to defeat Erazer.

On the site, they also list the complete controls for the game, basic run-up of all of the modes, and how gimmicks in levels work (like wall crawling, flying pots, rails, magic carpets, and boost rings). They also reveal that Omochao is back as the menu helper like his role in Sonic Heroes. Except he’s now also the minigame announcer.

Speaking of minigames, they reveal more about how multiplayer works, with the results being based on your Sonic Token collection. The player who wins multiplayer gets to choose a Magic Carpet that may unlock more stuff in the Special Book.

They also have up Erazer and Shahra concept art, among other things. Some of Sharhra’s and Erazer’s early art is humourouse, including a Ganondorf rip-off, a blonde sharhra, and more.

The game comes out February 20th in America and March 2nd in Europe, and we’ll keep you updated.