Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

A new downloadable was released for Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) today on the Xbox Marketplace, the all new Amigo Team Attack Episode. Once you downloadit, it becomes available through trial mode.

In this mode, you play through the whole game as Tails, Blaze, and Omega. You first play Crisis City as Tails backwards. you then move onto Sonic’s Kingdom Valley as Tails going through the stage backwards. You then play Tropical Jungle as Blaze through Sonic’s first section. You then go to Aquatic Base as Blaze in Sonic’s second section. You then play as Omega in Dusty Desert, in a very different scenario than past level experiences. You then finish off with Omega in White Acropolis, ending with a boss fight with the Egg Genesis. Wave Ocean and Flame Core are not in this download.

One major plus to the package is that they’ve now sped up Tails. He no longer is the slow-mo in the original, but moves at a decent pace. This is sure to be a huge plus to Tails fans.

After you finish all of the levels, you get a rank (just one rank, think of this as one long stage). This goes on the normal ranks found in the game.

Sonic Stadium will keep you updated on the games downloadables, and this is now available in the American Xbox Market Place.