More Sonic Titles Coming To PS2?

More Sonic Titles Coming To PS2?

Simon Jeffery, head of SEGA US, recently spoke to about what SEGA see of the future for PS2, when he dropped a potentially interesting hint about possible future Sonic titles.

The following is a excerpt from the interview.
What strategy should a software developer like Sega take?

We’re really balancing our portfolio of games for old-gen and new-gen hardware. We’re focusing our big investments on the next generation, and we’re making sure we have a balanced portfolio of kids’ games and family-oriented products and movie tie-ins.

The PS2 will become more of a multiplatform strategy and less of a single-platform strategy. Which means we’re extremely unlikely to build a game just for the PS2 from this point on. But if we believe a game can be a hit with a young, low-price audience, then we’ll build a PS2 game as well as a PS3 and Xbox 360 game. We’ll produce games like Sonic on PS2 for at least another two years. They’ll be bought at a lower price.

Interesting news at this point, could this mean more original Sonic titles for the PS2 in coming years? Check out the full interview here. Other than the hint of new Sonic titles, the interview itself is an interesting read, providing an insightful perspective of how SEGA see the transition between generations of consoles occurring.

Be sure to stick with SONIC NEWS for any further details or information as it breaks.

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