Sonic The Hedgehog XBox 360 Demo Released

Sonic The Hedgehog XBox 360 Demo Released

After taunting us with barrages of screens and trailers, SEGA has finally come good with a playable demo of the much anticipated upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog title. Available now via the Xbox 360 Marketplace in the US and Japan, the demo weighs in at 315MB including a short playable Sonic stage and a trailer for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, included as part of Microsoft’s current “Bring it Home” campaign for the upcoming X06 event.

Given that it’s one of the smallest downloadable demos available, there’s no excuse why any Xbox 360 owner or Sonic fan shouldn’t grab it immediately. As first comments about the demo are just beginning to slowly trickle in, check back later today for some early impressions.

Over the next few days TSS will too be overhauling a major content update, make sure you check out the TSS Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic And The Secret Rings pages later this week for the much overdue but well worth the wait updates.

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