Sonic the Hedgehog site updated, trailer released

Sonic the Hedgehog site updated, trailer released

Thats right, folks. The website for Sonic’s big next gen title, aptly named “Sonic the Hedgehog”, has seen a huge make over, with new info to boot. You can access the website here.

The site is entirely in Japanese, and may have some trouble loading. If you have trouble loading pages, just reload the page and everything should work.

With the complete redesign of the website, comes some interesting new info. Firstly, it is now confirmed (via ambiguous sillohoutte outlinings) that Knuckles, Tails, Blaze, Omega, Rouge, and Amy WILL be in the game. But judging by the size and placement of the pics, they will not be playable.

In addition to the character confirmations, the song from the E3 trailer can now be heard in it’s entirety with full vocals (EDIT: as of the 09/09/06 the vocal theme has been replaced by a loop of the instrumental rendition. fortunately you can still access the vocalisation through Sonic News), provided by Ali Tabatabaae and Matty Lewis from ZEBRAHEAD. The song is catchy, that’s for sure.

In addition to all this, there is also an all that, there are also details on Sonic’s story. However, it is all in Japanese. THe other sections of the site are listed as “Coming Soon”, including Solleana News, a download section, details on the town stages, and details on Shadow and Silver’s stories.

Be sure to check up on the site for new info over the coming months, leading up to the games November 17th release.


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