Sonic’s gone mobile!

Sonic’s gone mobile!

According to Sega’s mobile website, a new Sonic game has been announced for mobiles everywhere — and original game, titled Sonic Jump.

The gameplay appears to be fairly simplistic; jump from platform to platform without falling, and eventually get to the top where Eggman lies, and you use the same techniques to defeat him. The graphics are that of Sonic Advance’s style, and the music is fairly synthpoppy. Like Sonic Advance, but better, almost.

According to the website, the story for the game is thus:
Help Sonic save the Earth from Dr. Eggman’s evil plot! Your goal is simple. Complete the stages in the shortest time possible, while gathering as many rings as you can. Sonic will automatically begin jumping at the start of the game. When he lands on the platforms in midair, the ground will act like a trampoline, giving him a boost to jump higher up. At the height of his jump, Sonic spins, which you can use to defeat enemies. Keep jumping up from platform to platform, and reach for the goal at the top. Dr. Eggman awaits at the end of each level to prevent Sonic from progressing. Use the jump attack repeatedly on Dr. Eggman to win!

The Q&A section of the site also gives hints towards how the game will play:
Q: Does Sonic have any special ability in the game?
A: Push the OK/Select Key just before he jumps to execute a Super Jump!

Q: If Sonic has no rings and gets hit, does he lose a life?
A: No. Sonic just gets stunned.

Q: How many hits does Dr. Eggman take?
A: On the first 5 Zones, Dr. Eggman can be defeated after hitting him 6 times. On the last zone, it takes 10 hits to defeat him.

And there are various screenshots of the game availiable as well:

The game’s release date is yet to be announced, but stay tuned for future updates on the subject, right here at Sonic News!

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