Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

Shadow the Hedgehog, after going on for ages about being alone and stuff, finally needs your help as he’s nominated for a national gaming gong in the UK Golden Joystick Awards.

Shadow is up against nine other games (most of which are pretty damn awful to say the least) competing for “The Sun’s Family Game of the Year Award”. The Sun (also known as ‘the replacement for Andrex’) seems to be getting into the swing of this “video-game-ing” lark – at least more so than the Daily Mail – with the newshounds getting an interview with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog himself’ not too long ago.

Just quite how Shadow the Hedgehog constitutes a family friendly game is quite beyond us, but seeings as we’re all Sonic fans here (and we don’t want Spongebob Squarepants to win), you can vote for the black blur’s game by visiting The Golden Joystick Awards website and filling the form there (taking care to check ‘SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG’ and not ‘NINTENDOGS’), or you can go to and find out more there.

In other news, Sonic goes binge-drinking, starts smoking and tells SEGA they don’t understand him! Next game to be a 16+! More as it breaks.

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