Sonic the Hedgehog coming to the GBA

Sonic the Hedgehog coming to the GBA

This year is truly a year of celebration for Sonic fans. With Summer of Sonic in full swing, many Sonic fan projects taking off, Sonic the Hedgehog coming to MS and Sony’s next gen consoles this November, and Sonic Rivals marking Sonic’s long awaited debut on PSP, things are looking swell for our little blue dude with a tude.

But apparently, Sega has yet ANOTHER present for the blue dude’s devout fan base: a true tribute to his first appearance, a re-release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the GBA.

The game is a little more then a simple re-release, though. The game comes complete with a full blown spin dash, AND a save function for those who could never get through the whole game before.

The game will be titled “Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis”, in remembrance of Sega’s classic 16 bit console that our spiky blue friend debuted on, and will retail for $19.95. An exact release date has yet to be announced, but we can certainly expect sometime during the holiday season.

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