E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

SEGA have dropped the bomb again with their announcement earlier today of yet another new Sonic title, Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii. SEGA currently have not released any screens or media other than the below image of Sonic holding a Wii-mote, but have been rather generous with story and gameplay details.

Sonic’s new adventure unfolds from a storybook of the classic tale, Arabian Nights, the last several pages from the book have gone missing, and it’s up to Sonic to re-create the story. The vibrant environments provide for a refreshingly new look to the franchise filled with brightly colored mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns. Sonic activates specific areas in the prismatic environment to pull off new tricks and stunts, in addition to interacting head-on with various obstacles by jumping, dodging, and dashing.


Gamers will use the Wii controller to steer Sonic and experience an untapped freedom in gameplay and control. Hold the controller horizontally with two hands and tilt left and right to steer Sonic on different paths and maneuver deftly from obstacles and enemies. Continue to tilt and fling forward to dash-attack ground and air enemies and to break down barriers. In addition to the main game is an array of unique controller-focused mini-games which make Sonic Wild Fire fun to play alone or as a multiplayer game with friends. Get ready for a refreshing adventure that puts you on the forefront of gaming!
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The Nintendo Wii exclusive title will be on display at SEGA booth at the immenent E3 Expo alongside SEGA’s current line including Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Rivals. The title is currenty slated for a 2007 release, and if early details are anything to go by, Sonic Wild Fire looks to be a blazing success in the making.

Be sure to stick with SONIC NEWS and TSS for the first media and gameplay impressions when the E3 Expo opens its doors on Wednesday.

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