Downloadable Sonic games

Downloadable Sonic games

There’s been a mixing pot of Sonic news lately, none of which has been deserving of a full-blown article, which is why Sonic News has rounded them up into handy little news reports.

Sonic Cafe comes to America

SEGA have now bought the Sonic Cafe franchise to America. At last people in the USA will be able to experience games that were previously only available in Japan for the Japanese originated i-mode.

Sonic Team games currently available on the service are:

Puyo Puyo

Phantasy Star

Sonic Backgammon

Sonic Darts

Sonic Hearts

Sonic Jump

For more information please visit the SEGA Mobile page

Virtual Live Arcade

According to the games site Gamespot Sonic the Hedgehog, the original MegaDrive game, will be available for download as part of both Microsoft and Nintendo’s downloadable game services: Virtual Console for the Wii, and Live Arcade for the XBOX 360.

According to the site the XBOX 360 version of the game will be vastly superior. Renamed Sonic the Hedgehog: High Speed, the game is set to feature HD (high definition) visuals which Nintendo’s Wii is incapable of supporting.

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