Sonic Channel Overhaul

Sonic Channel Overhaul

Sonic Channel updates

Sonic Channel has updated in a big way this month. Instead of the usual character related update Sonic Channel has seen a complete overhaul, not longer is the site coded in flash, instead the whole thing is in HTML. This comes as good news to those who have wanted to save artwork and photos from the site, but that’s not all, the layout of the site has been changed too.

The Channel has been crammed with more than you can imagine, one could assume the recent change is in preparation for Sonic’s upcoming 15th anniversary, but either way this is a welcomed surprise.

Worthy of note is:

Super Sonic artwork
Super Sonic wallpaper
Super Sonic puzzle game
Super Sonic calendar
Sonic CD PC site
Sonic PC mega pack site
Sonic Team USA article

Super Sonic

Sonic PC mega pack

This is a PC pack you can buy in Japan. It contains Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, but what really makes it worthy of note is that it also includes Sonic Eraser.

Sonic Team USA article

This talks about Sonic Team in the USA, which is important because it shows an image of a location used in Sonic Adventure 2, and talks about it.



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