Chris Senn launches X-Treme website

Chris Senn launches X-Treme website

Hurrah I hear you scream, the Sonic X-Treme compendium’s first instalment has been released.

Eversince Chris Senn began spilling the beans on the Sonic X-Treme project on his forums (in mid November) he’s been promising the world in the form of the SXC, and for a while it seemed like that might never have happed. Searching through disks and paperwork, on the now extinct project, was a lengthy task. It’s amazing that Senn has got this far without giving up, despite numerous jabs an insults from the very people he is trying to help.

As time went on so did the SCX, which continued to evolve. Senn noted on his forums that to release the SXC in its entirety would have taken far too long, and a file of that size just wouldn’t have been feasible. We at SONIC NEWS are inclined to agree, taken into consideration that this first instalment (with accounts for 20% of the SXC) took 3-4 months to compile, with another three more instalments too bee added, and you can see that the SXC would have taken a year to complete. Senn decided the best way to distribute the information was to release it in smaller, themed, volumes. He held votes on his forum to see which of these volumes were in demand, and in that way he insured that they were released in order of popularity.

But the time the votes were being held the SCX had moved away from a file based format, Senn wanted something that would be more accessible, something that could be changed easily and continue to evolve, something dynamic. Senn settled on the idea of an X-Treme website, and though many tried to convince him flash was the best format to use, in the end it was his familiarity with HTML that lead to the creation of a more traditional website.

The site is divided into four sections: Worlds, Storylines, Bosses, and Game play. Currently only Worlds has any content (this being the section people voted for most).

Sonic X-Treme Official Website

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