Sonic Converse All Star competition

Sonic Converse All Star competition

There was a time when our blue buddy was content to wear cheap red knockoffs, but that all changed with ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ when he developed a lust for ‘Soap Scorchers’, and then in ‘Sonic Riders’ when he wore grungy skater boots. So what now, well lately it seems Sonic gets a ‘Rush’ from wearing Converse All Stars. Get it?

That’s right, if you were wondering where SEGA of Europe blew all its Sonic Riders and Rub Rabbits budget then look no further, the answer is Sonic Rush custom designed Converse All Star footwear. Gah it all makes sense now.

SOE have teamed up with Converse to produce 25 pairs of the themed footwear available in a wide variety of red (his classic shoe colour) and imprinted with the Sonic Rush logo (his classic Sonic Rush logo).

According to SEGA: “…these trainers are practically screaming ‘Very Collectible Indeed, Thank You Very Much’.” Yes I quite agree, they also scream fashion victim while inducing seizures in people with epilepsy and small dogs.

To stand a chance of winning these shoes, the next best thing to owning a pair of Soap Scorchers, you need to log on to ‘SEGA City’ on the European website and answer this simple question, the answer to which I have cunningly hid in this article:

What colour shoes does Sonic wear?

A )Red
B) Blue
C) Green
D) Black

Terms and conditions apply, the winners will be announced in four weeks.

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