This Month on the Sonic Channel

This Month on the Sonic Channel

Every month, as most of us now know, Sonic Channel updates with a new character art, wallpaper and other goodies.

This month, we have a Big the Cat profile, along with his art and wallpaper. There is a Rouge puzzle with last month’s Rouge art added and some fan art. Lots of fun there.

Along with the site update, they have also said that the 2 in 1 packs with Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle, Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Battle, and Sonic Advance and Chu-Chu Rocket, have been released as of the 26th of January, in Japan. However, don’t fret. There have been a few 2 in 1 packs already released for English customers.

Sonic Channel and SEGA will both have a booth set up at the 23rd Next Generation World Hobby Fair, in the JAPAN Dome, on the 5th of February. They will be show-casing Sonic Rush, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders, Beetle Ace and Puyo-Pop, to name some. As a free goodie, you will also receive a cool, free Sonic Riders reflector bracelet.

Speaking of Sonic Riders, this is also the month Sonic Riders is released in Japan and North America. Keep your eyes peeled for TSS’s exclusive play test and review of Sonic Riders, at the end of the month, weeks before the European release.

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