Tesco ‘Price Blitz’ Cuts Cost on Sonic Software

Tesco ‘Price Blitz’ Cuts Cost on Sonic Software

The UK based supermarket chain ‘Tesco’ is currently running a large promotion that it calls ‘Price Blitz’.

The promotion aims to bring a wide range of audio visual entertainment to the consumer at budget prices. On offer are: CD’s, DVD’s, PC software and Videogames, each category is then grouped into a different price range. Understandably the quality and production number of these items will affect their price.

Worthy of note (and the whole purpose of this report) are the Sonic items included in the offer. If you’ve been deterred from buying Sonic’s PC outings or DVD instalments of Sonic Underground, because of the price, then worry no more. Infact the items on offer were already part of value a range, so you can be sure the cost has been slashed severely.

On offer are:
Sonic Underground Vol.1 DVD – Price 97p
Sonic Underground Vol.2 DVD – Price 97p

Sonic 3D Blast PC – Price £2.84
Sonic R PC – Price £2.84
Sonic & Knuckles collection – Price £2.84

While the offer has not firm expiration date the promotion does state that it shall only run while stocks last. So hurry and nab yourself some cheap Sonic stuff, because once they’re gone they’re gone.

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