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As most will be aware there has been an X-Treme movement on Christian Senns message board. The former Sonic X-Treme art director (amongst other things) had taken time out of his busy schedule to release information and conceptual art (on the failed project) to the public. Senns release was greeted by a mouth watering fandom, but ultimately the resurrection of X-Treme lie not with Senn, but rather a Frenchman named Dobermann.

Many skilled programmers have attempted to recreate what X-Treme could have been like using 3D visuals, but it was Dobermann (a member on Senns forum) and his decision to develop his game in 2D that has yielded such positive results.

The games locations and scenery are by no means complex, but the simplicity of their design manages to retain a charming quality, some might say that the style reflects the fresh approach Senn had originally intended to bring to the franchise. Infact Senn has been so impressed by the development of the many X-Treme projects that he has actively encouraged their development, from creating dedicated ‘brainstorming’ topics to offering textures, both old and new, for whoever required them. Dobermann, however, has thus far been the only candidate with the determination to succeed.


Ring throw

World rotation

‘Sonic X-Treme Remix’ (as the game is known) combines some of the original projects features as well as whole host of new ones.

Senn has done his best to offer advice and help, insuring that this game stays as close to the original as its 2D restrictions will allow. Dobermann has show the ability to adapt old concepts and ideas so that they may function in his 2D world. For instance in the original X-Treme Sonic stood on pressure pads to activate world rotation, in Sonic X-Treme Remix the same rotation effect can be activated by holding down Sonic’s spindash and using the ‘Q’ key to control the movement of the world around him.

Jade Gully boss (using ‘Sonic the Fighters’ model)

Visually the special stages represent what could have been had ‘Knuckles Chaotix’ and ‘Sonic 3D Blast’ (Saturn) got together and spawned, infact Senn created the supernova background used in the stages, which is not dissimilar to the ones featured in Chaotix.

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