GamePro Gets an Exclusive Look at Sonic Next-Gen!

GamePro Gets an Exclusive Look at Sonic Next-Gen!

It’s been a long few months since we’ve heard from SEGA on Sonic 2006, but Gamepro magazine bombarded Sonic Team Japan for some more info, and that’s what they got.

From the article, we are introduced to a few new facts. We knew Sonic 2006’s worlds would be of full detail, but the Blue Hedgehog also boasts a hefty load of detail. He now contains a total of around 1 million polygons, a “sky rocket”- as Gamepro so nicely put it- to his previous model, which only had around 1,500 polygons. This means Sonic will be holding a huge amount of detail.

Along with his polygons, it seems Sonic 2006 will be able to reach a staggering amount of speed, bringing a motion-blur effect on-screen, giving you a great sense of speed. This might mean you will have a Tension Gauge, similar to Sonic Rush. Sonic will definitely be able to zoom around worlds with no problem.

Speaking of which, the worlds and levels, as mentioned before, will contain a huge amount of detail. The environment around you will be able to produce detailed scenery, which include even small flowers. Incorporated in the detailed world will also be the changing of day to evening to night as you play through levels. All of the above are to make the world seem more realistic.

Not only will they look good, they will feel better. Gamepro got to preview a large canyon area, which “rose hundreds of feet into the air, and spanned several miles in length.” Sonic Team said it’s a challenge to fill the levels with action enough for everyone. Rest assured, the game will feature some dazzling action.

Although the story line is still in the works, Sonic 2006 looks like it will be a very promising experience. The game is coming out for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and is speculated for a summer release, hopefully around Sonic’s 15th birthday in June. Until then, keep you’re eyes on Sonic News and TSS.

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