The Air Shoe Diaries: Shadow The Hedgehog

The Air Shoe Diaries: Shadow The Hedgehog

Hello all, it’s ArchangelUK here!

Yes, before you all react with mass horror and possible projectile vomiting this does not mean SW is merging with TSS. I’ve already had one email demanding answers to questions that aren’t there. I am though now, a TSS in-house-article-writer-person-person so every so often I’ll be waxing lyrical (possibly with turtles, undoubtedly with pizza) about this, that and/or the other. In essence I have a lot to talk about and Sonic Wrecks simply isn’t the place to do it. So roll on article one!

Soooo, did you buy Shadow The Hedgehog? Did you win Shadow The Hedgehog? Did you beat Shadow The Hedgehog? Did you take Shadow the Hedgehog out for strolls in the moonlight and tell him you… no don’t answer that one. I did (buy it that is), the GameCube version, as I don’t own the one that breaks down four days after the warranty expires as if by magic; or the X-Suitcase; but that’s another story for another day.

I should point out here that this article may well be a thing that makes you go “MMMmmmmm”. Oh, and contains some spoilers.

I’m not actually going to give the game a score, but I am going to tell you about it. At the time of writing I’ve completed all the game finales, final story and have 41 A Ranks. (Swish!) And all in all I’ve come to a decision: the game is very good for the most part, it was never going to be a bone trembling, sphincter tightening classic but that’s not the point and never was. The aim of Shadow the Hedgehog was to take the series somewhere new just like Sonic Heroes… okay, bad example, but is it though? It’s amazing to think that the critics loved Sonic Heroes, which for the most part was royally panned by the fan base. It got on average roughly 8 out of 10. 80%. That’s not bad for a game that took the fundamental principles of the Sonic series and gave them so frickin’ big a twist Eggman’s moustache nearly fell off. Incredible to think then that Shadow the Hedgehog, which has done the exact same thing in giving us a Sonic style game with a really dark centre, has been universally panned by the critics and been getting in the region of 4’s and 5’s out of 10 – with even fans calling it the ruination of the Sonic series.

Strong words then. So let’s go back; back to the beginning.

Done, and without so much as an emerald.

So who – when they first saw the Shadow trailer and saw he had a gun – thought this was such a bad idea. (Though you can’t tell from this type I’m raising my hand at the moment.) When you first saw the art you may have thought this was ‘pandering to the whims of the fans’ or ‘further diluting the quality of Sonic games’. I did, and I’m supposedly one of the out-and-out Shadow worshipers, so this may surprise you that of all the Sonic Wrecks comics so far (at the time of writing) Sonic and Shadow have appeared in 19 each with Knuckles on 18 and next on Amy on 15. So, yeah I’m real biased against Sonic. The words I’ve just used above I found paraphrased several times in a fair few reviews by people. So I think it’s time I went through everything about this game and the reaction to it…

1. j00 Shadow loverz suck. T3h gunz are ru66i5h.
Yes, terrifying… are you sure your keyboard isn’t broken?

The big drawback for the game was the immediate negative reaction for it, what surprises me if you look at the reviews that have given 2’s and 4’s and that bracket they’re all from Sonic fans who haven’t played it. Giving the reasons mentioned above, oh Sonic Team have ruined everything with this Sonic game, etc. Hold the phone. Sonic game? This is not a Sonic game. Sonic is not a playable character, not even in two-player mode where you get some metal-esque Shadow clones and one Shadow with the campest orange quill highlights known to mankind. Sonic himself says on the first level (regarding guns) “I wouldn’t be caught dead using those things.” That’s the whole point; Shadow doesn’t care about rules, just about getting his way.

So the gameplay sucks because you have no intentions of playing it? Er, okay but isn’t that a little childish? Surely you give a review of a game if you’ve at least played it first? That’s like me saying the Mona Lisa sucks because it’s not hanging in my room and I can’t see it. This is a Shadow game folks; it’s another Hedgehog operating under different rules.

Another whinge I’ve heard is that there doesn’t seem to be a lock-on mechanism for the guns. Well surprise, surprise! Welcome to the joys of realistic game play. This is a great example of someone reviewing a game they’ve played and not reading the manual for it. A pistol, or handgun does not have a lock-on mechanism; this is because in reality bullets don’t ‘magically’ arc around in mid air. The hi-tech weapons, missile launchers and other related things do because they can in real life. The manual clearly states that with the weapons Shadow will aim for you when you fire and are pointing in the correct direction. He has eyes you see – although you will still need to position him so he faces them. This will only occur though if the enemy is in the physical range of the weapon, so DON’T start pointing your uzi at an enemy ahead of you on the periphery and wondering why your bullets aren’t hitting. It’s out of range of the weapon therefore it can’t be hit.

Also remember the guns are an ‘option’, there’s nothing saying you strictly have to use them or the sword weapons – though to be fair getting past some of the steel doors is rather tricky without them – or there’s the debris which incidentally is a great addition. The only ‘weapon’ you ever need to pick up is the blue torch in Cryptic Castle to light the torches. It’s more difficult by far not using a gun but that’s just part of the challenge (should you choose to accept it).

Overall Verdict: Good.
After years of being shot at in Sonic games a character picks one up and fires back… and this annoys you for some self-righteous reason? Guns add a new dynamic to the game play of this game, you’ll never see them again and Sonic will never use them.

2. Graphics
This one swings wildly from one end of the spectrum to another. The levels are lusciously designed as this dark dystopia the world is sinking into with the Black Arms invasion – an interesting counterpoint to Heroes’ cartoon styling and rainbow visuals. However it doesn’t appear quite as polished as Heroes, many have said in the reviews that they look rather DreamCast-ish. I wouldn’t say that, but I would say they are certainly below what I was expecting. A great example of this is the FMV sequences, the ones done specifically by the CG crew are absolutely mind blowing, these are the ones you’ve seen in the trailer and there are blissfully yet more in the game. Some of which you haven’t seen and are even better, others though use the game engine and game characters and these are in the most part shoddy. At least the Sonic Adventure 2 ones looked good reasonable; some of these are Sonic Adventure quality in places.

The secondary characters, your partners for the most part, too look slightly odd in places; Rouge has gone back to her Sonic Adventure 2 outfit for reasons unknown. Incidentally they’ve also made her ears bigger and yes, her enchanted cleavage has also changed once again in size but at least they aren’t tennis balls wrapped in purple rubber this time. Cream’s cameo looks like they’ve used the Sonic Adventure DX version of her when she made her brief flying appearance in that; though the fact you can knock her down onto her ass is rather fun. Amy looks as though someone has been forced to create her against their will and is bitter for not getting to do Shadow, Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. I swear there’s no need for Eggman to have those strange teeth either, and as for Omega… if you have to feel sorry for a character in this, feel sorry for old E-123.

His appearance in the latter stages of the ‘evil’ arcs has seen him go down in the world. Do you remember him in Heroes? A lovely shiny metallic ball of destruction screaming FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Like some crazed whirling dervish of steel alloys? Time hasn’t been kind to his paintwork. Imagine you stripped him of his shininess and then recoloured him more or less exactly as before but with dreary versions of those hues and no metallic effects. That’s what’s happened here. Poor sod.

Overall Verdict: Okay
All in all, the graphics are good, though I am informed they’re a mite better and a little faster on X-Box and Gamecube than PS2, but little things that seem to have been left out due to trying to get the game out on time have really cost it.

3. Gameplay and Speed
Here are the top five most common technical complaints about Shadow the Hedgehog as far as I can tell:

1) “It’s too slow!”
2) “I can’t get to any speed without hitting something!”
3) “I can’t stop!”
4) “It’s too short!”
5) “[Insert old bug here] IS STILL HERE!”

Starting from the top then, the game is too slow apparently which is news to me I must say. Shadow moves very fast indeed when he needs to, though I must admit he does seem a little slower to gain speed from a stationary position but is essentially, as per tradition, roughly the same speed as his fellow hog. As for the game being slow, remember the PS2 version is a mite slower on the frame rate than X-Box and GC but the game itself is as fast flowing as any fully 3D platformer that I’ve ever seen. In terms of the previous sonic games, when you bare in mind the advancement of the graphics and how much is going on around you compared to the likes of the two Adventure series with explosions and other effects going on all over the place the speed is amazing.

The fact is the IS the fastest of the 3D generation so far and makes Heroes look positively pedestrian. Let me put it another way. If Sonic Heroes is the Batmobile from the first Batman film with Jack Nicholson in it, then Shadow The Hedgehog is the Batmobile from Batman Begins, but with a Ferrari badge on it. Also there is a lot to do in this game that doesn’t involve speed, such as puzzles and looking around for items. If you are looking for five nice shiny secret discs with Charmy (*shudders*) in one particular level then blasting around at 100mph isn’t going to help you unless you are truly relying on dumb luck.

Number 2: This one really irked me because again it’s a question of people not really thinking this through. You’re racing along a city road, the city is being destroyed around you, there are flaming cars everywhere and police and attackers are swarming everywhere. This means one of two things, and if you’re not in Paris then that means you must be in the middle of a war zone.

The roads are not going to be clear for you! If I sprinted down the street at a car and I hit it, or rather it hits me; chances are I’m going to be rather hurt. Unless I’m a ghost – and I’ve checked my pulse which confirms I’m not – if I ran full tilt into a person I’m going to hit them and probably end up flat on my arse, not somehow magically run through them. With all this chaos going on around you it’s up to you, the player, to avoid the debris, friends and foes to keep your speed up, to time your jumps to avoid things and think ahead. Use some style and panache; don’t expect it to be handed to you on a plate. To quote a certain green dude, and ‘Hi-ho everyone!’

Wait wrong green dude, er, what I meant to say was ‘Control, control, you must learn control!’ You need to play more than once to master this particular hog’s movement. Yes, it is annoying when you run into a grey clad GUN soldier you didn’t see, and sometimes its difficult to make out the objective arrows, but the game is dark and dingy in most places. Westopolis is a mess of explosions and smoke and I’m pretty sure the Shadster doesn’t possess radar.

It might be bad in some respects trying to avoid the obstacles, but you may have noticed the pedestal placed Sonic Rush getting some bad comments regarding some of that games tendency to be a ‘memory recall’ game.

Number 3: Slowing down, or rather stopping isn’t instantaneous. Sonic and the others can screech to a halt no problems but with Shadow it’s not so easy, granted. Unfortunately, this is one of those things where the game assumes you know all about what’s been revealed about Shadow’s past over Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes. It’s a flaw that undermines the first few levels of ShTH, it’s Shadow, you know him from ‘this’ and you don’t need to be informed about it again unless its absolutely storyline relevant. Not a single mention I can tell you now is made of the events of Sonic Heroes anywhere except in a couple of brief freeze frame flashbacks I’m going to criticise later anyway; in fact, Omega’s first line to Shadow told me everything I needed to know about the Shadow I was playing. Why? Because I’ve played Heroes and know what happens at the end of it.

For a newcomer to Shadow you’re right in the sticky stuff from the off, thrown in at the deep end the equivalent to being stuffed in a meat suit and thrown into a vat of sharks. You don’t know that if you’d just played him before you’d know about him and his fancysmancy footwear.

Shadow’s air shoes are the problem, we the fans know about this, his almost friction free air shoes. Aha, friction. Don’t you need that to stop as I recall? It also rather explains nicely how worn and flaky the fronts and backs of the air shoes are on the hi-res artwork as that’s where the ‘breaking points’ are and hence where the wear occurs. This whole thing so could have been solved simply by the addition of another ‘hint marker’ in Westopolis; you can just see Shadow hitting it, Sonic turning to you and saying:

“Hey Shadow! Those air shoes of yours are really cool, it’s like you’re skating on a cushion of air – take care though, you won’t be able to stop as quickly as I can!”

That’s really all it needed.

Number 4: Good grief, it’s a game with only six levels and a few boss fights thrown in! Come on now, it’s also a game with 10 different endings to unlock ranging from Shadow ending up as personification of darkness, the saviour to mankind or emotionally crippled in one instance. So that’s ten full playthroughs minimum before you unlock the end story and finally learn the truth, play another level and fight the final fight. No, it hasn’t got 147 mission targets like Sonic Adventure 2 to complete (okay, 148 if you count finishing the Green Hill Zone remake); it does though in fact have 146. That’s not possible! How so you ask?

Elementary my dear Watson, for you see there are 71 missions spread over the levels available, these include the three path choices when applicable (i.e., Dark, Hero or Emerald) and the boss fights (mid and final). Once you’ve done all those and A-Ranked them you unlock the expert mode so that’s another 71 missions to master. Making 142 by my maths, then you simply add to that the completion of the final story in both instances – one level and one final boss twice over – one hundred and forty six. That should keep you going for a long time trying to complete that.

There is in fact a mind boggling 326 paths to choose… 326! I’ll get back to this later, but… I mean 320-bloody-6? Yikes!

The levels themselves are no quick fire finishes, long gone are the days with sub-minute levels my friends. They are very big, imposing, and highly complex for the most part with the usual multiple paths available. They also come in the SONIC LEVEL STANDARD SET! What do I mean? Well. I’ve made a checklist:

City Level? Check.
Ancient Ruins Level? Check.
Ghost Filled Haunted Level? Check.
Jungle or Forest Level? Check.
Military Installation Level? Check.
Sky Based Level? Check.
‘Surrounded By Liquid’ Level? Check.
Fire or Lava Based Level? Check.
Casino Level? Check.
Final Space Based Level? Check.

Seems to be ticking all the right boxes doesn’t it? In fact the only one it doesn’t have really is a snow based or winter level. But what of the play features?

Grinding? Check.
Lots of Automatic Loops? Check.
Strange New Way To Get From One Part Of A Level To Another? Check.
Chaos Emerald Collection Through Special Zones: No.

No. Learning I can only assume from the travesty that graced Sonic Heroes (I am still trying to get the bloody third emerald, one and a half years after starting, and if anyone can send me a UK Game Cube game file with the final story unlocked I will be eternally grateful to you) the special zones are out. Chaos emeralds are now the property of the government for the most part. Also out is any plot dynamic involving the Master Emerald, something I also welcomed as that’s been done to death at this point. The grind rail change is much smoother and safer incidentally and the spin dash seems a lot weaker than before.

Bearing all that in mind then, I really cannot agree that the game is short as there is plenty of scope for replay.

Finally point five, a section that can easily be called ‘Legacy Issues’, I’m sighing as I type this. Believe me. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it refers to problems from previous versions or in this instance previous games that have still yet to be adequately fixed or acknowledged. The prime one being the camera.

I’ve always thought the best joke ever in a game regarding a camera (specifically in a 3D third person viewpoint) was in Mario 64 when if you look in a mirror you can see the camera being held behind you. A camera is, like most things, a physical object in games such as this. It has to be so it can be forced down corridors and things and not go through walls when you move it. The problem comes when something gets between the character and the camera following it; it can’t get around it and get stuck. See Sonic Adventure 2. Or you ‘move’ the camera just like you’re supposed to and it isn’t properly free roving. The camera in ShTH is miles better than it predecessors but still nags and lags in places occasionally forcing you to do a blind jump to where you hope the platform was in order to correct the issue. Or leaving you stuck down a series of choice routes without letting you see where your objective is (Mad Matrix).

So a part-fix there. Unfortunately the dreaded ‘homing attack’ problem still occurs.

If I am constantly jump attacking a single robot that say needs more than two hits to kill it and am holding the C stick in the direction of it, I do not expect to randomly home-attack NOTHING in the opposite direction off a gangway to fall to my death. There is absolutely no reason at all for this to occur and the fact this still happens randomly on the third game having this feature is terrible. It turns the whole attack concept into a luck-based issue. Grr!

(Can you tell I’ve been on my way to A-Ranking difficult levels and then that’s happened?)

Number six… oh wait that was the last one of those.

4. Niggles, Annoyances, Continuity and OH MY GODs!
So the gameplay is for the most part great, but now I want to talk about MY play. I want to talk about things within the game that were simply ‘wrong’. Wrong in context, wrong in history, wrong in positioning, wrong in moral or ethical tastes. So wrong it left me with a nasty taste in the mouth, a sore throat from yelling in disbelief and a red mark from slapping my forehead reapeatedly at the stupidness. So let’s start off with one of the most controversial issues pre-Shadow.

The Voices:
Farewell Ryan Drummond & Co, you shall be missed, but what have we been left with in way of replacement with the 4Kids mob.

Sonic & Shadow: If these were anything except all but bang-on what they were in the previous games SEGA would have been strung up by us and attacked by small sharp teethed lizards on long poles à la Ludo in Labyrinth. Kudos to Jase (and thank god for that….)

Eggman: Who’s voice had to be replaced anyway sadly, I like the new voice for the Doc but it just seems like its lost a bit of the presence it used to.

Tails: Oh Tails, how long have we waited for a decent voice for you? The newest of the new voices fits him quite well I think.

Knuckles: This is what annoys me, the whole point was to ‘standardise’ the characters and voices between the games and Sonic X right? Now I know for a fact that Knuckles is a right gruff bastard in Sonic X, always up for a fight. So why is he some fun-loving happy-go-lucky fight-seeker-if-need-be in ShTH? HE DOESN’T EVEN SOUND THE SAME! Thus the whole point of the change is lost. Well done. *Sighs*

Amy: Another voice that I don’t mind in the slightest with the changes.

Rouge: When did Rouge become a blues singer? *Shakes head in disbelief*


Espio: I hadn’t seen the Chaotix episodes of Sonic X so didn’t know what to expect. I’m now pretty sure whoever did Espio’s voice used to play quarterback for the New York Giants.

Vector: Oh Vector! What have they done to you! You used to be like a bouncer in the way you moved and talked. And now you’ve suddenly become Graham Norton’s cleaner. If you want to know how he talks do you remember the really mad one in the Police Academy movies whose voice is all over the place? Bobcat Goldthwait? Yeah, that’s just how bad it is.

Charmy: If you know me, you know I hate the bee. Imagine my surprise then when after listening to the new Charmy voice I found I hated him even more! Surely impossible I thought? Alas… no. It’s very wrong and yet so wrong it validates my hatred for him, so in many ways is spot on.

Cream: Had two lines. No difference.

Omega: The voice is processed you fools, don’t waste my time.

Cheese: Ya see, now you’re just being silly.

New Characters:
Two to add to our merry band. The General (referred to throughout as The Commander) and bad guy Dark Doom. There are big problems with these two, number one Dark Doom sounds like (as Dreadknux has pointed out) Dr.Claw from Inspector Gadget, which results in any menace being replaced by hilarity and derisive calls of ‘I’ll get you next time Shadow! NEXT TIME!” at the TV. The General fits in well, in that we now know who’s in charge of GUN he also suffers from a rare medical condition, heterochromia iridium. Meaning he has different colours in either iris. You see, you learn with AAUK! The problem being this makes him look like a cross between Tommy Lee Jones and David Bowie.

2 Player!
Is practically an afterthought… no way are you going to 2P this game if you want a 2P Sonic experience you’ll go straight to SA2, not passing GO! and not collecting £200.

Script Errors:
The Commander also states at one point that Maria was the only family he ever had, and yet when confronting Shadow states that because of Shadow, Maria was killed AND his family. Another one with gaps in his memory, stay tuned for ‘General the Commander’ from Sonic Team coming autumn 2006.

The Music
Kevin want CD… NOW.

Continuity Problems:

  • The President has a photo of Shadow and Sonic together outside the faux-White House. Except such an event never occurred…
  • Maria’s death speech, so crucial to the plot of Sonic Adventure 2 has been changed.
  • For someone who’s never driven or shot a gun before Shadow is miraculously adept.
  • Shadow has both his arm rings when he lost one at the end of SA2.
  • Shadow’s super form is now not silvery gold but seems to be Super Sonic with red highlights.
  • As Shadow doesn’t know Team Chaotix, why doesn’t he ask them how they know who he is?
  • Why are the ‘Top Secret Disks’ Charmy is looking for unguarded, and for the most part sitting on the floor??
  • Okay, so Shadow has been transported inside a computer by Doom’s powers and all the ‘robots’ are in fact programs but that doesn’t explain how Rouge is somehow there.
  • Since when did Eggman like Chao? And why does he keep so many in his castle?
  • Shadow should not be able to remember the flashback snippet of the room full of Shadow Androids in bio-tanks from Sonic Heroes as that Shadow WAS an android as confirmed by Omega.
  • Ghosts are now… blue?
  • Shadow ACTUALLY leaves Sonic and the others still frozen and presumably being eaten by the remaining jelly blobs at the beginning of the final story.
  • Wasn’t the Eclipse Cannon damaged by being stuck up the ass of the Biolizard then?
  • Wasn’t the Eclipse Cannon permanently shut down by GUN? Why not?
  • In the main trailer and parts of the game, the moon is astonishing whole after being blown to bits in SA2. Miraculous. They must’ve had a telethon or something.

Continuity Joy:

  • Maria now looks like she’s got some Robotnik genes in her.
  • Omega’s first line to Shadow is “Are you… the Original?” which if you know the prior games should tell you everything you need to know about this Shadow’s origins.
  • The Ark. Oh boy, the ARK is completely faithfully restored with large sections of the end levels of SA2 recreated perfectly; it truly is a joy to behold every last second of it. The high-res look of the Chaos creatures is simply sublime.
  • Chaos Spear, Shadow’s ‘new’ attack in the final fight was one of his 2P attacks in SA2:B which makes it perfectly acceptable for once and not some mast minute idea shoehorned in.

‘I could have sworn I saw that in…’
For reasons purely unknown Sonic Team decided to rip off the following movies:

Independence Day: The iconic blowing up of the White House is ripped clean off here.

Star Wars: Doom only just stops short of saying, “I AM YOUR FATHER!” at one point.

The Matrix: Doom says they want us humans to be used as energy sources, batteries if you will. Sound familiar?

Tron: Mad Matrix and Digital Circuit are utter Tron rip offs, from the idea to some elements of the actual levels. To top it off the even steal wholesale the iconic ‘de-rez’ sound effect and use it for the (annelid) black worm’s attack! Scandalous! I haven’t found the five lock door yet, but I have all the keys I swear if I find a light cycle beyond it I might just do someone damage.

The Weakest Link
Okay, you’re facing a boss and you’re told you need to find a weak point. Where is it? Do you know? With the exception of the Egg Dealer which operates differently with it’s slot machine system every single one’s weak point is the head. Every. One. Well swipe me, how original!

Sonic The Blasé Hedgehog
I don’t know why but Sonic came across differently over this game, maybe due to the fact he wasn’t being played. In Westopolis he makes a comment about ‘feeling so sorry’ for the people who have lost their homes yet after that he reverts to his “life’s a game, let’s play” persona. Seemingly nonplussed about the clear insanity going on around him. Admittedly this is typical Sonic, seeking fun wherever it can be found, yet the planet being destroyed, millions of people homeless and the possible extinction of mankind are – the last time I checked – not typically things that promote the idea of ‘a fun time’ to someone. In fact Sonic, by the end of a couple of the arcs, becomes so consumed by the ‘this whole thing is fun to me’ aspect of himself that I started to out and out dislike him for it. Something which has never happened before and I hope never happens again.

Keys The Ruin (Again), or “Oh Goody! My Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!”
In Heroes you had to find a key and keep it until the end to get access to the Special Stage, in every level of ShTH there exist 5 identical keys all of which are required to gain access to a very ancient looking door apparently of metal but looks rather like someone’s chiselled it out of part of Stonehenge. This as you may have guessed, looks rather out of place in the middle of a city, cyberspace recreation or high tech battleship for example. I haven’t opened all the doors yet, only the Westopolis one, Prison Island one and (literally just this second) Cryptic Castle one. You might think that after long searching you’ll be rewarded by something nice? Behind the Westopolis door I can reveal lies one machine gun and an armoured car. Woo. Only problem is, by the time you’ve got the keys, you really don’t need them. You’ll know all about the level and it won’t make a blind bit of difference. It looks like these are the three options then; vehicles, weapons, (Prison Island reveals a pair of tank-like mortars which make a big earth shattering ka-boom) and shortcuts (Cryptic Castle’s door leads to a shortcut as such and some more for you rings).

When Is A Life Not A Life?
One pretty big change is that 100 rings do not automatically equal an extra life any more. You now need to have 100 rings when activating a save point. This sucks.

326 Paths…
Okay three hundred plus paths are nice and all but seriously, who in their right mind is going to sit down and work out and play through the 326 paths to unlock them all?

And Finally…
Okay, if I was actually giving this thing a mark this one item would have lost it a whole bunch of marks just for the fact it was so ridiculous and not needed. Aliens are ripping up cities around the world and asked for a response tells his secretary to say that they won’t bow down to terrorists. EXCUSE ME?? TERRORISTS? In no way should this have been written! Aliens are aliens. I cannot recall E.T. being a terrorist, the fact that he and a lot of GUN keep referring to the Black Arms as ‘The Terrorists’ smacks of pandering and cheap ass playing on real world events and is truly sickening. Aliens are always aliens. Always. Muppets…

So in conclusion, Shadow the Hedgehog is a good game, it’s not genre-shaking, it’s not ground-breaking but it’s cool and you’ll have fun. Next time I get the energy to do another column type thing I’ll be discussing the most important character in the series! Who is it? Find out next time… mwah ha ha ha-ha!


Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis!
So it is written.

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