Sonic to do a Mario?

Sonic to do a Mario?

Gaming website Kikizo Games has recently had a chat with a few of the top dogs of SONICTEAM, and revealed a few tidbits of an interview that will be posted later today.

Akinori Nishiyama and Takashi Yuda, the brains behind Sonic Rush and the upcoming Sonic Riders respectively, spoke openly to the website about 2D games coexisting with 3D adventures, and on more Sonic spinoffs to come.

Nishiyama explained about the state of games;

“I think 2D games would be preferable for many users. I believe that in 2D games, say for example shooting games, you have to be careful of the slightest space on the screen and think in terms of how many pixels of space you have to manoeuvre.

3D games are never going to be like that; they are often very much about more fluid action. I think 2D games are more fun a lot of the time. However, from the graphical point of view, more than anything else, gamers will usually go for 3D. Our best hope is to have both coexisting.”

With many Sonic fans around the world bellowing that the original Mega Drive Sonic titles were far superior to their 128-bit cousins – a claim only enforced by the praise of the perfectly polished Sonic Rush – this can only be good news for some. Nishiyama expressed his desire to make a sequel to Sonic Rush, if there appears to be demand for it.

Yuda mentioned a few things about Sonic Riders, “I was not interested in making a conventional racing game. I wanted to make something different and dynamic, and we came up with new ideas this way.”.

More interesting was his comment on sequels and future spinoff titles; “Sonic Riders is also going to have some sequels, which will appear on next generation consoles. We’re also trying to see if we can come up with more Sonic franchises – not just racing games like Riders – but other ideas as well, something suitable for fans.” This may leave an unsettling taste in the collective mouths of some, with the recent atrocious whoring of Sonic’s once-rival, Mario. Yuda reckons we won’t be veering into territory too far removed from the blue blur’s character though. “I don’t think there will be a Sonic Golf, for example…”

Make a vow never to make a Sonic Party series, and it’s a deal.
Props to GamerGuy for the tip-off for this news story.

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