Sonic Riders sequel confirmed

Sonic Riders sequel confirmed

Shockingly enough, word has already found its way onto the internet of a sequel to SEGA/Sonic Team’s Sonic Riders, which is due for release next year. This information was brought forward by Takashi Yuda, the producer of Sonic Riders whose past work spans back from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 right through to Space Channel 5.

Eurogamer were lucky enough to talk with Yuda at a press event in London, the following is an extract from their report of the interview:

Speaking at a press event in London this week, Yuda-san told Eurogamer, “there will be a sequel to Sonic Riders, and it will definitely be on PS3 and Xbox 360”. Definitely, we responded, parrot-like to the last? “Yes.”

Given that the original is still yet to be received by the masses you cannot help but realize the enthusiasm and high hopes they have for the original Sonic Riders release some time next year.

There is also a mention of the rumoured PSP port, whilst it is an avenue that Sonic Team was interested in, Yuda told Eurogamer that nothing has been decided at this point in time.

Thanks to WenchiaLives4evr for the tip.

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