Sonic Riders for PSP

Sonic Riders for PSP

Spanish gaming site confirms from SEGA the launch of Sonic Riders on the PSP.

SEGA Japan apparently plans to release the upcoming Sonic racing game, Sonic Riders, for Sony’s Playstation Portable. This means that Sonic Riders will be coming out for a total of four systems- Gamecube, Xbox, PS2 and now PSP.

Currently, there are no details on the PSP version, or even if it is going to be different. It’s safe to assume though, that it may be possible that Sonic Riders may be going Wi-Fi with the handheld.

In Sonic Riders, you will be taking up an air board, which you will use to race around on tracks. There is a catch to the board though: you have to keep doing tricks for the boards to stay at a good speed. Most of the familiar characters will be included, but the introduction of three new bird character will add to the selection. Storm, Jet and Wave along with Sonic and co. have a chance to get a Chaos Emerald by winning a big race, called for by Dr.Eggman.

Sonic Riders is speculated for a Winter 2006 release, though it is not specified if that is after this coming Christmas or if it will be hitting the shelves by next Christmas. To keep up with all the new info, keep posted to Sonic News, and for new media, The Sonic Stadium.

Cheers to XXX2 on the forum for the heads-up.

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