Sonic Channel update

Sonic Channel update

A very brief update here, and a rather nostalgic one at that.

Sonic channel has updated their site with some rather exciting content. For anybody wishing to sample the delights of ‘Sonic Mobile’, the port of the ‘megadrive’ classic ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ (which is coming to all Samsung VS3 smart phones in Europe), well you can. There’s a mini flash game that allows you to play the first level. I’m unable to tell if the play goes beyond just the first stage, of course this is due to the overall crappyness of keyboard control.

Control issue aside the game looks to be a good port, without looking at the game under a microscope, I’d say it’s hard to spot any differences. The music is great, and it’s amazing to think what today’s mobiles are capable of, because there’s no difference to the timeless pieces of music that featured in the original ‘Green Hill Zone’. However, when hit rings do dissipate after about two flashes, much quicker than the original, and certainly not enough time to grab back those precious lifelines.

And no, before people ask, I didn’t check to see if there was a spike bug.

Sonic Channel also updated with new Shadow art, and his design looks to have taken inspiration from his counterpart from ‘Sonic X’. It’s certainly not the design breakthrough the Sonic Channel ‘Sonic’ character art exhibited.

An Amy flash puzzle has also been added.

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