Shadow the Hedgehog WAP Site Launches

Shadow the Hedgehog WAP Site Launches

Those who cannot wait for a bit of Shadow the Hedgehog in their lives need not wait for the 18th November release date for European PAL territories. SEGA Europe has just launched the new “Hero or Villain” WAP website, which you can log onto using you mobile phone.

Released on 4th November, you can access the WAP site and download a whole bunch of exclusive material, such as Shadow the Hedgehog ringtones, wallpapers and accessories to totally drown your phone in angst. A fantastic “money-can’t-buy” limited edition prize is up for grabs in a WAP site competition too.

To access the Shadow WAP site, text the word “SHADOW” to 80880 – texts and WAP charges are at your standard rate – and then SEGA will send you the link to access the website. You’ll then get to choose your side, Hero or Dark, with different downloads on each page. The downloads will cost you 50 of your UK Sterling Pence, a bargain compared to most mobile services charging a fiver for some wallpapers.

So, a Shadowy week for your mobile phone before you get to do the same to your PS2, XBOX or Gamecube on the 18th. Remember to be the one paying the bill – or at least get the permission of the dude who does though. Or else someone’s paying for a whole lot of angst they probably don’t want.

More Shadow info as it breaks.

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