PAL Sonic Advance Double Packs

PAL Sonic Advance Double Packs

Last week we brought you news of upcoming Sonic Advance GameBoy Advance double packs, which were all until now confirmed only for their US and Japanese release. In a press release just hours ago from THQ it was confirmed these packs would be released shortly in PAL territories. The clincher for the deal, and what is sure to frighten even the most hardened of collectors is that no less than six different double packs, seven if you consider ChuChu Rocket, all to be released during November.

The seven different combinations are:
Sonic Advance + Sonic Battle
Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party
Sonic Advance + ChuChu Rocket!
Columns Crown + ChuChu Rocket!
Sonic Pinball Party + Sonic Battle
Sonic Battle + ChuChu Rocket!
Sonic Pinball Party + Columns Crown

“This is a great opportunity for THQ to bring great games at a fantastic price point to shoppers in time for the Christmas holiday,” stated Ian Curran, senior vice president, European publishing, THQ. “The Sonic franchise in particular is extremely popular and we’re pleased to be able to give consumers another opportunity to experience these exciting games.”

“Given the recent release of the Game Boy Micro and the backwards compatibility of the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy platform is as relevant and popular as ever,” said Mike Hayes, President & COO, SEGA Europe Ltd. “The SEGA combo packs offer two distinctly different gameplay experiences, both perfect for gaming on the go. We’re excited to be able to work with THQ to bring the product to the European market.”

There are currently no details in regards to RRP, however it would be safe to assume it being around the same as a full price new release GameBoy Advance title in your region. THQ haven’t released any box art for these particular packs either, although we do have the Japanese and US box art for comparison in the mean time.

For any other Australian readers, yes, Australia is specifically mentioned along with all European PAL nations.

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