Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

African mountain-climbing, massive sponsored online auctions… sounds like another SEGA charity event. The European arm of the video games giant recently organised a venture called “TAKIN AGES“, a Kilimanjaro chairty climb in aid of the Entertainment Software Charity (ESC).

Three of SEGA Europe’s partygoing managers – Caroline Searle (Purchasing Manager), Tina Hicks (UK Marketing Manager) and Lynn Daniels (EU PR Manager) – will be making the climb in an effort to raise money for children’s education charities. On 4th October they will be whisked to Tanzania to commence a no doubt rigorous six-day trek through the African mountainside.

In order to aid raise funds for the event, many SEGA auctions were held on eBay featuring exclusive SEGA items – the headlining of which included signed Sonic and Shadow pictures by the ‘ledge’ himself, Yuji Naka. These items were of particular interest, as you’ll no doubt see by the increments in biddings.

Although the definition of being “a real fan” is questionnable in spending ridiculous amounts of money on a signed picture, it was all in a good cause and the two pictures in themselves raised £325 for the event. The winner of the Shadow the Hedgehog picture was a member of the SSMB Forums, Shanie Chatfield, who was treated to a special tour of the SEGA Europe studios by Lynn Daniels, along with a hoarde of goodies (and a promised personal letter by Naka-san himself) to go with her prize.

Those still wishing to support SEGA’s generous girls in their African trek can visit the website TAKIN AGES, where they can find out more on the chairties involved and how to donate money. For those kind enough to donate more than £20, there’s a video of a one-legged karaoke dance in it for you, courtesy of Lynn Daniels. So what are you waiting for?

SONIC NEWS wishes Caroline, Tina and Lynn the very best of luck in their sponsored event.

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