Update: StH & Rush, US StH site launched

Update: StH & Rush, US StH site launched

SEGA/Sonic Team has updated their Japanese Sonic sites. Now in addition to the original content, the Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Rush websites contain two new trailers.

So many have expressed their irritation toward a problem with SEGAs’ Japanese downloads. These Japanese video files exhibit an occuring problem. It seems that most computers have trouble connecting with the servers, so don’t expect the downloads to work.

SEGA of America, not one to be out done, finally released their official Shadow the Hedgehog site. At lased fans can finally read about StH in glorious English.

These sites are in flash, and so no specific page link can be given, you will however find the links to the main page of these sites in the ‘Info’ section of Sonic News.

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