Sonic Site Awards Final Results

Sonic Site Awards Final Results

Three vote ties, including the main award itself, highlighted an enjoyable Sonic Site Awards ceremony, kicking off the Sonic Stadium’s 5th birthday celebrations.

However, the broadcast looked in danger of not even starting, when the expected influx of listeners was even more than anyone expected. Despite Zone Radio Network admin Andy Nolan increasing SEGASonic Radio‘s listener limit to 50, and setting up a relay for around 35 listeners, both servers were filled long before the cast even started.

Additionally, hosts Dreadknux and Roareye had major problems getting their broadcasting software to work, and then had even worse problems starting the show. Eventually, after kicking all 50 listeners from the ZRN server, they were able to start broadcasting over two hours late, at 8:20 PM GMT. Additional relay servers from tSS staff B’man and Fastfeet helped to let everyone hear the show, meaning that the problems that plagued past shows were no longer an issue.

The show itself showed why the new season of The Sonic Hour is awaited by many, with their lowbrow humour present throughout the show. New feature “The Guest” was received very well by the #sonicstadium chat, which matched, but didn’t beat, its all-time visitor record of 57.

The highlight of the show came fittingly at the very end, where the Sonic Site Award 2005 ended in a tie between former SSA bridesmaid Sonic Vegemite and Sonic Wrecks. The announcement caused an explosion of disbelief in the chat.

All in all, the Sonic Site Awards 2005 was a thorough success despite the usual problems. Hopefully 2006 will be just as good, if not better.

Full roundup of winners
Funniest Sonic Site: Sonic Wrecks
Information Station: The Sonic World
Evolving Forum: Mystic Forums and Sonic Vegemite MB
Sonic News Award: The GHZ

Most Impressive Layout: SonicVerse Team
Most Evolved Site: Sonic Yoda and Sonic the Hedgehog Information Treasury
Best Webmastering Effort: Shadow Master
Worth It Award: Knuckles Chaotix – The Unofficial Homepage

Best SAGE Booth: Sonic and Mario
SFGHQ Fangame Tutorial: Dark Sonic Ultimate Tutorial
Fangame of the Year: Chaos Control
Fangame Developer: Sonic Vegemite

Artist of the Year: JK Whitaker
Sonic Hoaxer: Space Tails
Fan Fiction Writer: Hogfather
Hand Drawn Comic: Sonic Adventure 2 Fan Comic
Sprite Comic: Sonic Wrecks

MIDI Composition: John Weeks
Sonic MP3 Remix: Memories Frozen In Time
Fan Music Video: Emerald Generations

Most Dedicated SSMB Roleplay: “The Sonic Stadium”
Biggest SSMB Event: 1 Millionth Hit
Best SSMB Skin: Shadow the Hedgehog Edition
Best SSMB Discussion Topic: Shadow the Hedgehog Topic

Best Established Sonic Website: Shadow of a Hedgehog
Biggest Contribution to the Community: Sonic CulT

Sonic Site Award of 2005: Sonic Vegemite and Sonic Wrecks

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