Sonic Rush promotions get underway

Sonic Rush promotions get underway

It’s that time folks, time for the Sonic promotions to start.

SEGA disappointed us by allowing ‘Sonic Gems Collection’ to go un-hyped to the average games consumer, a trip to stores in the UK revealed a somber launch for the classics compilation, and with a virtual shunning of the Gamecube in even the most specialist of games shops, it’s no wonder why. A search for Japanese sellers on eBay seemed to reveal little had been done to promote the game in Japan either.

Now all attention turns to ‘Sonic Rush’ for the DS. Sonics’ first DS outing should be one to commemorate, and Sega are employing a similar promotional tactic to those used on Sonic R, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Advance.

Sonic Rush DS skin

In partnership with ‘Gamer Graffix’, SEGA have created a special Sonic Rush skin for use with the Nintendo DS. As of writing the skin can’t be bought from Gamer Graffix, but is listed in their catalogue as an officially licensed product.

One store taking pre-orders for the item is Americas’ Toys’R’us, which fortunately for non US residents can be bought and shipped through Toys’R’us at . The price of the item: a meager $9.99, or £5.65.

Sonic Rush Japanese commercial

SEGA have also released a Sonic Rush commercial for its Japanese audiences. The commercial is typically what you would expect from a Japanese Sonic advertisement: it’s fast, crammed full of various level, and short in length.

The commercial does however show information previously unknown to the public gaming community. For instances the video reveals that Sonic will take to the sky’s on a hang-glider, much like the hang-gliding sections of ‘Sonic 2’ for the GG, but unlike Sonic 2 for the GG the sequence in Sonic Rush take place in full 3D. Holding true to Yuji Nakas’ word, the boss battles do appear to occur in 3D, the video display Sonic facing off against a giant Bee-bot.

The advertisement can be found at ‘Video Game Ads’.

Download the file here: Sonic Rush Japanese commercial

Credit to Poridet of SSMB for discovering the Sonic Rush DS skin.

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