Sonic Advance packs go crazy crazy Japanese

Sonic Advance packs go crazy crazy Japanese

In a follow-up to the news reported early this month that revealed Sonic was to have his ‘Advance’ outing bundled into a 2-pack consisting of ‘Sonic Advance’ and ‘Sonic Pinball Party’, now comes the news that SEGA are bringing these packs to Japan.

The original pack was part of a THQ range, whereby THQ bundled together games of a similar topic or franchise to sell to the public, a GBA ‘Platinum/Classic/Players Choice’ range if you like.

THQ also added to the range yet another pack: the Sonic Advance & ’Sonic Battle’ pack

And now SEGA are bringing their own Sonic packs to Japan. Each pack will retail for 3800 yen on 26 January, and are as follows:

Sonic Advance & Chu Chu Rocket pack

Sonic Advance & Sonic Battle pack

Sonic Battle & Pinball Party pack

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