New Sonic Riders gameplay footage

New Sonic Riders gameplay footage

Kikizo, the games site, has recently added two new trailers for the upcoming Sonic Riders game, to appear on all platforms for the current generation of consoles, and new hi-res footage of the trailer that was first show at the TGS.

Kikizo Sonic Riders media

The videos were added on September 30th 2005. There is the choice to download high resolution, or one of lower quality, game play footage for either Sonic or Knuckles.

Knuckles footage (hi-res- 30MB, normal- 15MB)

Knuckles footage normal

Knuckles course takes place over a large forest not too dissimilar to the Green Forest level featured in SA2.

The level appears to contain multiple routes, and at times it can seem like Knuckles is lost or out of the games, but as with Sonic R these routes provide Knuckles with a shortcut which often bring him back into the race. It would also seem that during the course of the level the riders are perused by what can only be describe as a giant Centipede.

As always speed boosters are ever present, and on screen prompts allow Knuckles to pull off manoeuvres, tricks, and earn points. Such tricks included:

Indy- Rank C
Melan- Rank B

Sonic footage (hi-res 20MB, normal-10MB)

Sonic footage normal

Sonics’ level resembles that of the Route 99 level from Sonic Advance 3, but with traffic that can harm the players.

Sonic can perform his usual spin attack while on his board.

Again there appears to be the choice of multiple routes, and Sonic can grind some portions of the track.

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