m-flo LOVES Shadow the Hedgehog! Japanese Pop Group Collaborate on New Game With SEGA!

Japanese pop group ‘m-flo’ are to record a remix of one of their previously recorded songs, in the name of Shadow the Hedgehog, Famitsu’s website has revealed.

For those not particularly versed in J-Pop, m-flo are a hip-hop soul group consisting of a DJ (Taku) and rap artist (‘Verbal’), that are hilariously big in Japan. Their recent album, “Beat Space Nine” was released to acclaim in the land of the rising sun back in August.

The song in question, Famitsu reports, is a dedication to Shadow the Hedgehog, by way of a remix of a track from this album, “TRIPOD BABY”. Incidentally, this track had DJ Taku and Verbal reuiniting with former group member ‘Lisa’ after she left a few years ago.

Called “TRIPOD BABY (SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG MIX)”, the boys did a photo shoot for promotion of the track on October the 9th. Famitsu reported this collaboration was announced during a press conference for the ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ game, which is due for release December 15th. This conference involved the boys and Shadow packing some heat and getting chummy, above and below.

The collaboration apparently happened because of how cool both Shadow and m-flo happen to be. And Taku, being a big games fan, mentions it’s an honour to be working on a track to support the Sonic series. Even if it is Shadow.

No word on when the track may arrive, or even if it will be bundled in its upcoming remix album, “Dope Space Nine”. However, with the remix album being released mid-November and the game mid-December in Japan, production schedules may mean that the Shadow the Hedgehog remix may be released seperately to co-ordinate with the game and to give m-flo more production time. We know that something will arrive in the SONIC CHANNEL website very soon, but whether this is the entire remix for download or a teaser remains to be seen.

We’ll keep an eye on the single’s progress, for now, we suggest you import “Beat Space Nine”, truly a CD worthy of the title “J”. Thanks to ‘poridet’ of the SSMB for the heads up.

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