8 New SONIC the Hedgehog Screens

8 New SONIC the Hedgehog Screens

Earlier this morning Sonic Team finally came clean with 8 new high resolution shots of the much anticipated mysterious XBox 360/Playstation 3 title ‘SONIC the Hedgehog. Simply head over to Sonic Channel’s SONIC the Hedgehog page (In Japanese) to view the new content.

Not much is known currently about SONIC the Hedgehog, however given the emphasis around the title given to Sonic’s 15th Anniversary, it would be wise to assume a release roughly around that time (23 June 2006) on XBox 360 and Playstation 3 should it be available then. At current there are absolutely no details even hinting at a possible Nintendo Revolution release.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Knuckles X at the SSMB forums for the tip.

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