Super Monkey Ball DS: Confirmed

Super Monkey Ball DS: Confirmed

A Japanese video game magazine has provided an article, including pictures, which confirms the existance of Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo DS.

Super Monkey Ball is a very popular video game series by SEGA that has had a number of console and handheld releases over the years. Many gamers have enjoyed the simple, yet challenging and addictive gameplay and the host of mini-games.

The article comes from a currently unamed video game magazine written entirely in Japanese. Most probably, it comes from Famitsu, one of the most famous and popular magazines in Japan.

The scan is of one page with a completely Japanese article featuring many pictures depicting the next in the Super Monkey Ball series. The game itself appears to use 2D monkey characters inside a 3D “arena” on the top screen, while the bottom screen has a 2D representation of the character along with a life count, score, number of bannanas collected, etc. It would be safe to say that it uses a control scheme associated with the touch screen, although there is no way of confirming this. It’s also safe to say that the entire package will be multiplayer and probably Wi-Fi compatible.

Also shown are some mini-games, including the next installment of the classic “Monkey Race” mini-game and what appears to be a game of table-tennis.

To see the scan, click on the media link on the left-hand menu. If anyone can translate or knows of a translation, please let Sonic News know as soon as possible.

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