‘Sonic Next’ in development

‘Sonic Next’ in development

The Games Convention in Leipzig was host to a special day of Yuji Naka signage, as SONIC NEWS reported some days ago. Naka-san used the event to showcase Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush and Sonic Gems Collection, but he has also revealed that a next generation Sonic the Hedgehog game is in development.

Nothing else has been mentioned, other than the fact that the title exists. First details will pop up at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show in September.

However, this has not been the first time we have seen a potential next-gen Sonic – at E3 2005 The Sonic Stadium obtained some exclusive footage of a SEGA trailer that featured Sonic throwing ring boxes and destroying enemies in real time. Whether this trailer is any indication of what to expect from next generation Sonic is anyone’s guess right now; but we’d wager E3’s showcase was merely a technical demo.

When those details on ‘Sonic Next’ come out of the Tokyo Games Show, expect SONIC NEWS to be right there to relay the information to you.

Credit to “Metal King” and “MSQ” from the SSMB Forums for the heads-up.

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