The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

The Sonic Stadium’s annual awards ceremony, The Sonic Site Awards, has launched its website, with a brand new design and some promised new features. Official starting of the event will happen this Friday (15th July).

The event, which has grown to be one of the biggest attractions of the online Sonic world, will this year have its awards divided into categories. These categories neatly seperate the awards up so they are easier to take in, while providing more specialised ones. In association with Sonic Fan Games HQ and The Sonic Stadium’s close affiliation with the SAGE event, there is a “SFGHQ Category” that focuses on fangame commendation, for example.

Other tweaks to the SSA 2005 includes a ‘Phase 2’ voting poll that only requires you to vote all the awards in the categories you choose to vote in – rather than the entire list of awards that was mandatory in previous years. The ever-evolving TSS Account will be linked up with the Sonic Site Awards event too – those using your Accounts to post on the SSMB or making comments on SONIC NEWS will be the ones with the voting power when the final polls come around.

If you’re a regular visitor and wish to vote but do not have a TSS Account, then you can register one for free. You will also get to post in the SSMB Forums and in the SONIC NEWS comments box. And don’t worry if you have a Banned account from the SSMB – you will still be able to log into the Sonic Site Awards or SONIC NEWS websites.

Changes and updates to this huge event as it comes.

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