SAGE 2005 Opens!

SAGE 2005 Opens!

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo ( has kicked off once again, but is currently recovering from a server problem that occured during the first day.

SAGE had a big awareness level attached to it, through support from sites such as The Sonic Stadium and Sonic HQ. Fans United for SatAM and organiser “PerfectChaos0” organised a chatroom event featuring Ben Hurst, writer for the SatAM cartoon series.

However, the main SAGE website had shut down a mere day after the proceedings began, confusing many people who were informed of the event as long as a month in advance.

Smidge, administrator of Sonic Fan Games HQ and SAGE, tells SONIC NEWS that the fangaming show is suffering from a combination of DNS issues and downtime from parent site,

The website was restored in some part this morning, with the organisers arranging for mirrors to distribute the load from the increase in visitors.

EDIT: To clarify this news article, TSS and Sonic HQ were not credited as the ones organising the Ben Hurst appearance. Sentence structure and the English language signifies that these sites were mentioned as they were affiliates with the SAGE event, helping to gain awareness for the show. Fans United for SatAM were correctly credited for helping to arrange the Ben Hurst appearance, yet one of the SAGE organisers, PerfectChaosZero, was unfortunately missed from crediting. We apologise for the latter mishap.


TSS NET Grapevine:
The Sonic Stadium will be covering SAGE during the week, providing commentary on the fangames on the show and providing interviews with the developers, including Mj2 who is hard at work completing the popular ‘Chaos Control’.

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