UK Sonic X DVDs

UK Sonic X DVDs

With the amount of money spent on video games, and being home to two of the biggest gaming developers in the world, you’d be forgiven for thinking the UK was actually a third-world country when it comes to the industry. Particularly for Sonic merchandise, where material on the blue blur besides games have all but dried up in comparison to other countries.

One of the biggest conspiracy theories was regarding the lack of a domestic release of the Sonic X cartoon on DVD. Despite having DVD releases in Australia and Holland as long as eight months ago, there had been no word in the (regular, brown) hedgehog haven that is Britain.

Worry no more. According to, the first two volumes of Sonic X are readily available for pre-order. They are due for a release on the 29th August 2005, and are both selling for a paltry £4.99, with an RRP of £5.99. Pocket money.

View the two Sonic X releases by clicking on the links below:
Sonic X: Volume 1
Sonic X: Volume 2

Thanks to “Simon” for contacting us via email with this information.

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