Summ0r Tim3!11!one!

Summ0r Tim3!11!one!

How’s it going, chaps? Exams are all over for me, so it’s onto a fully packed Summer we have for you. We got “lots” of content to hand you over the next few weeks, as well as coverage on SAGE and the ACMI Sonic Exhibit (of which TSS is being profiled in) and the Sonic Site Awards 2005 in July… and let’s not forget our roundup of the season in September when we bring you a “TSS In Tokyo” special, wherein I will be taking my first real proper holiday since beginning this site – in Japan. Since most of my tourings will be gaming, SEGA and Sonic related, it’ll do no harm to record my journey here when I return. And that’s not even going into The Sonic Stadium’s FIFTH birthday in October…

If that wasn’t enough, we’re hard at work pumping out what we’re calling “Operation Grandslam”. Those with a historical eye will remember two years ago, I started this very same project and announced it as the Sonic Smash Cards. This is still the case, but there are now more elements in the mix that justifies the mystery of this regeneration project. It’s going to be a lot of fun, let me tell you.

So, expect stuff and stuff to be added tomorrow, and details on SAGE and the Sonic Site Awards ’05 sometime on Friday or during the weekend. It’s an exciting summer season, so stick with TSS.

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