SAGE 2005 soon

SAGE 2005 soon

Blimey, it’s almost as if one event ends (E3) and another one is about to begin. I’m talking, of course, about the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), of which The Sonic Stadium is proudly supporting alongside a roster of other Sonic sites. For those who don’t know, SAGE is like the E3 of Sonic Fangames. Interested in making a fangame? Join the Workshops and Tutorials. Wanna play some fangames? Come along, see the booths. Seeings as it’s all a part to help the fangaming community grow, TSS as well as others like Sonic HQ are more than happy to help spread awareness of this fab event.

However, TSS is also doing special things with the people behind SAGE and SFGHQ – specfically, I’m working closely with Smidge to help get awareness for SAGE as broad as possible, alongside other great plans. SFGHQ and SAGE, I can announce today, will also have a special Category in this year’s Sonic Site Awards event also (SSA-05 will, incidentally, take place a week after the SAGE event).

SAGE is plodding along for a good launch in early July. Hopefully you won’t be able to move without hearing the SAGE name – if you haven’t tried fangames, I suggest you do so at SFGHQ]. Seriously good stuff, and you can check out the SAGE happenings on TSS (yet again, TSS will exclusively cover the SAGE event this year) and the SAGE website itself:

Go. Now. Play fangames.

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