Europe: Sonic City Goes Live

Europe: Sonic City Goes Live

Sonic fans in America and Japan have been getting the dedicated Sonic micro-site treatment from SEGA as of late, and Europe has just seen the launch of their own official “Sonic City” source.

Unfortunately, the micro-site isn’t very respective of monitor resolutions – 1024×768 is required, but 1152×864 is apparently the size for optimum surfing. Design-wise, it doesn’t lend much to Sonic the Hedgehog at all, aside from the somewhat iconic corkscrew feature around the city heights. In fact, you wouldn’t even believe it was a SEGA or Sonic site if the corporate logos weren’t present (depending on your resolution of course).

The content for the micro-site is limited, with a paragraph and a snapshot or two for the upcoming three Sonic titles (Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Rush and Shadow the Hedgehog), but it does rather make up for it with an English translation of the Masato Nakamura interview, posted earlier on the Japanese Sonic Channel site.

Posted under the section “The Music of Sonic”, the translated interview gives English speaking fans the chance to read some interesting tidbits on the legacy of Sonic music. Masato Nakamura, for those needing a reminder, was the sole music composer for the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Mega Drive.

Fascinating information such as using an Atari computer to compose the music, Nakamura’s cinematic concepts as well as the well-known points of Dreams Come True’s affiliation of promoting Sonic the Hedgehog makes this a rather excellent read. He also expresses how he would love to compose music for a future Sonic project – here’s hoping SEGA could afford a Senoue-Nakamura collaboration some time soon.

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