ACMI: Sonic Exhibit Report

ACMI: Sonic Exhibit Report

In Australia, to celebrate Sonic’s 14th Birthday, the Australian Center for the Moving Image dedicated an exhibit for Sonic the Hedgehog, and the fanbase that surrounded it. The Sonic Stadium was invited for a special opening event, and we have obtained exclusive pictures and information on just what went down.

Our three TSS Reporters for the event, “julz_sega_bob”, “chibi_sonic” and Matt the Yak (of Sonic Vegemite fame) detail their discoveries and opinions on the SSMB Forums.

Julz commented on the Games Area of the exhibit, mentioning the profiling of fansites such as The Sonic Stadium and mutual chums The Green Hill Zone. “The movies contained clippings of someone going through the site, along with a narrative. It was quite hard to get the narrative in video, but from what I heard, it gave a pretty detailed description. It was accurate, showed main areas and didn’t babble off.

Matt re-affirmed the progress of Shadow the Hedgehog; “Apparently, both of the new games (by “new” I’m not counting Gems) are looking excellent. Also, there’s the image I attached below, which seems to confirm that Shadow is indeed headed for all three consoles.” and has also taken many images and video capture which will be shown soon.

Chibi_Sonic apparently had fun at the games booth as well. “In the games room, there were many monitors around the place with playable games. Each monitor came with a keyboard/game pad and headphones for maximum play enjoyment. A couple of monitors were actually projected onto the wall, so you could jump onto them and show you l33t skills to everyone in the room. Of course, if you’re not good at Sonic 3 or Sonic Heroes, you may want to stay away.

Highlights include profiling of The Sonic Stadium, a Sonic GBA SP signed by Yuji Naka, playable copies of Shadow the Hedgehog (which is reported to be going very nicely) and stands of Sonic merchandise including figurines.

Stay with TSS and SONIC NEWS, as The Sonic Stadium is currently preparing a huge report full of images and video capture on the event, exclusive to TSS. You can post comments and chat to those who attended the exhibit on behalf of TSS at the SSMB Forums.

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