SAGE Seeking Workshops

SAGE Seeking Workshops

The Sonic Fan Games HQ is gearing up the opening of it’s latest Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) event, and the organisers are currently setting up hosts for ‘Workshops’, a recent addition that debuted in the last show.

To further cater for and cover all aspects of the Sonic Fan Gaming community, the aim of the ‘Workshops’ is for experienced fangame creators to tutor others in a dedicated chatroom in real time, about certain elements of fangame creation that usually prove troublesome for the novice.

The ‘Workshops’ first arrived at the last SAGE event, but recieved little attention. TSS and SFGHQ hope that this time the feature will be more appreciated – by more novice fangamers attending for help, and more experienced people to host these chats.

Smidge, the administrator of SFGHQ and currently overseeing the SAGE event with PerfectChaosZero, outlines the importance of potential Workshop attendees needing assistance to come prepared with all the necessary programs before attending the Live Workshop chats – a problem identified when talking to The Sonic Stadium recently.

That IS a problem… making sure everyone who wants to participate has everything they need beforehand so the time isn’t spent having everyone download and install stuff. This is why we really need to ask around and find people interested in HOSTING workshops, get what they need and make sure it’s available ahead of time.

Those who are interested in hosting a fangame workshop at SAGE will be able to contact Smidge and the SFGHQ Community at their forums, under this topic:
SFGHQ: SAGE Workshop Topic

TSS and SONIC NEWS will be, as always, covering the SAGE event, stick with us for coverage – it is scheduled for an early July opening, and runs for 7 days.

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