The Sonic Stadium: 1 Million Hits + Update

The Sonic Stadium: 1 Million Hits + Update

As has been maniacally recorded by SSMB members across the world, The Sonic Stadium has entered the prestigious accolade of “come of age” Sonic sites by hitting that ever-elusive 1 Million Visitors mark. The actual occurance happened at 3pm or 4pm (depending on who you go by, or what timezone weirding thing you use – I always note things by GMT [UK Time] naturally), and had as many as 80 people logged into the SSMB at once all celebrating. ^_^ Thanks to everyone who’s supported, supporting, and will continue to support TSS and the Network simply by visiting our website and voting on those Toplists (;D).

I will be updating TSS’ History Section tomorrow, with details on the events, including an updated Timeline as well. May even get a little “Illegitimate” with the event and all.

But I DID promise something special today, sort-of to celebrate, sort-of because I had it lined up anyway, lol. XD This is another step of TSS’ great return to form this year: The Sonic Fan Club. You may have garnered some hints when I changed the “Creative Outlet” forum list to the namesake, and it is true that Biafra and I have been trying to sort out the section so that SSMB members can post their creations on TSS.

… You can do that tonight, but there’s a slight catch. We originally intended an integration of members – so that SSMB members would merely log into their SSMB account to post pictures and crap. We haven’t been able to successfully pull this off yet, mostly due to lack of time to focus on that section specifically (B’man and I are concentrating on the main site itself regarding integration). However, later this year/early next year we will come to it, either by integrating the system itself with SSMB’s database (unlikely) or making an attachment of the new bespoke interactive system we’re making for TSS (more likely). The latter is likely to reset stuff, but hey, when you have a portal you can sort stuff out in right here, right now, you can’t complain. 🙂

You will need to make another account to use the Fan Art section to post things, think of it like a mini-account. 😛 Biafra is the maintainer of the section, so he will oversee all submissions and comments and things and will edit/remove all things breaking simple rules like “copycat” activity, “pr0n” and other crap.

We also bring back the Sonic Fan Games Club – a section of the SFC that works sort of like an online Fan Games magazine, reviewing/previewing submitted fangames, and reporting on events like SAGE.

Sounding good, yes!? YES! Get to the Sonic Fan Club now by clicking here:

Enjoy yo’! Here’s to another million visits and crap. And we still have all this to come this year too!

  • The Sonic Site Awards 2005: Involving Sonic News, SSN, SSMB and SSR
  • The Sonic Stadium’s FIFTH Birthday: October 24th 2005
  • New and Interactive TSS
  • Sonic Smash Cards (yesh, it’s STILL happening)
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