Shadow Trailer Relisted

Shadow Trailer Relisted

Update: The new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer has been relisted on The Sonic Stadium. There was some hoo-hah over GameTrailers breaking the embargo on the new trailer some time ago (it was probably THEIR idea of an April Fools joke), and I’ve been in touch with both GT and SEGA-Europe and SEGA America, and it appears the trailer in question was never to be released until just before E3, next month. Literally, the day before. Perhaps in a special SEGA E3 Presentation.

Svend, Thank you for cooperation re: GT. The trailer was let out before we intended it to. We decided to release that trailer to the public just three days ago via IGN. We will be making it available to the public this afternoon. Please feel free to re-post this trailer as of now, with the full permission of SEGA.

Cheers, Bret

So that’s that. It probably would have been easier for SEGA to have simply let it go and show us something more kickarse before E3, but then again that would mean a lot more effort, time and money going into making a new trailer. Who knows, maybe we may get one. 😛 I’ll stay in touch with the dudes up top – I’ll also see if I can get y’all another copy of the trailer, in high quality.

Original Update:

Right, well for all of you looking for the new Shadow the Hedgehog trailer, it’s gone. Gawn. Hopped it. While TSS’ main priority is to offer the Sonic fans the best content we can get you as an independent source, free from intervention, SEGA have effectively asked everyone to remove the new Shadow trailer from our pages. Although it does sound a lot like we’re “caving in”, hey, we respect SEGA, whether you do or not. Plus anyone who’s not a dumbarse probably would have downloaded the thing anyway. So yeah. We’ll be sure to keep up to date with other happenings regarding Shadow’s new adventure, like some kind of addicted cat on the old ‘nip, so don’t you worry about that. 😉 Can I be bothered to give you new Fleetway Sonic scans tonight? Probably.

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